voice studio monitor and speakers

Always match the original!

Exceptional dubbing goes unnoticed. It is an art in precision, and a challenge we appreciate. Factual documentaries, live action, reality or animation, our dubbing converts original content into authentic new language versions that are culturally appropriate.

Before we start a project, we connect all the dots with a clockwork precision ensuring accurate and smooth dubbing.  First, we summon our translators, dialogue editors’ directors, dubbing actors and audio engineers. Next, we expertly manage planning across all studios to take you smoothly from translation and adaptation, recording, to final mix – regardless the language combination, genre or format. The result is always exceptional work that safeguards consistent artistic and technical quality across all versions, without compromising storytelling and emotion.

With over 10 years of hands-on experience, we proudly call ourselves specialists of high-quality, multi-language production. We have extensive knowledge of the workflows required to bring to light complex projects, as our experience covers live-action and animated feature films, broadcast series, documentaries, advertisements and more. We are proud to be fast, accurate and affordable!


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